Terms and Conditions

  1. ViBazar team always tries to deliver good stuff and will continue even if there is a complaint or suggestion, contact can go to contact us section.
  2. We do not give any information of the customer in any situation to any third party or others, customer satisfaction.
  3. If any goods that come in the range of guarantee warranty, guarantee warranty will be received from the company’s service center as per the rules, for example: – If a customer bought Nokia Mobile and a problem came to the mobile then the Nokia company’s service center The customer has to contact himself, viBAZAR will not be responsible because ViBAZAR is the only way to transport goods from home to the house and nothing else.
  4. If the customer does not like any item, he can take back any other item equal to the same price but there is no tampering in the goods as it was given by the company.
  5. The team of viBAZAR gives assurances to bring the goods to the house, but in the event of extreme need, the customer can also call the phone from a location and also give the goods, the customer can not object to it, and we expect the customer to have such a situation Customers will cooperate with us.
  6. Except for certain goods, the delivery is free, but the delivery charge can be taken at any time, while charging, the website will be informed first.
  7. If the customer repeatedly makes a fake order, or if he is found guilty of conspiracy against a company or customer by giving false and bad goods to viBAZAR partner, or by company staff, appropriate action can be taken or such staff, And the customer can be banned.
  8. If you do not want to pay online, you can make cash on delivery but lending goods will not be available in any situation.
  9. When the customer Delivery Boy signs the signature after matching the list when receiving the goods, the complaint of price, quantity or number etc. will not be heard.
  10. If the customer has any problems with Delivery Boy or any kind of problem, then call the company immediately.
  11. The viBAZAR company is free to make any changes to its services, without any prior notice, the company can do so to protect its interests.
  12. In case of any dispute, the dispute will be resolved by the company’s team, the viBAZAR team’s decision will be final and valid for the customer, partner and all staff.

Thank you all for joining viBAZAR